ilio took place with 8 products in the 2nd edition of the Omnia collection by Paşabahçe Mağazaları. The collection, which draws inspiration from the water, is made up of products that contemporary interpretations of traditional glass techniques.

Lucky Fish

The life that started in water miraculously gave life to the whole world. Lucky Fish is a lean interpretation of the life in the water and of the small fish species from the finest examples of life. These fishes of different colors and diversity are charms that will give luck and plentifulness to the houses ...


A quiet water surface is moving with a slight breeze. The surface of the water, shaped by the wind that gives the viewer eternal vitality, adds a new illusion to the Azure vase with çeşmibülbül technique.


In the history, this series gave life to the obelisks, the guardians of the cities. The obelisk vase and candle holder now protect our homes with a sculpted new look.


Focusing on the unique resemblance of ice masses and glass, the Frost glass series is a modern and lean interpretation of ice crystallization with the traditional cutting technique.


Touch is styling a dramatic moment of the drops. When the time has stopped it gives the form to the glass series.


Pond, a section from a nature ... Every time you add the color of the sponge on it, you get a new mowing.


Fountain pools are an architectural element that represents the flow and the loop for centuries to follow the movement of the water, listen to its voice ... This fountain of candy carries this visual feast into our homes.

Dew Drop

Dew Drop redefines the fascinating structure of the dew as glass lighting with double-layered deep reflection surfaces.

Project: Paşabahçe Mağazaları - Omnia

Year: 2017

Scope: Product Design

Photography: Paşabahçe Mağazaları