The Inspiring Design Journey Of Innovations That Light The Way To The Future

Yıldız Entegre’s new surfaces were promoted at a launch exhibition, with demirden | ilio taking on the design and implementation at the Together to the Future event held in Cyprus. With the new products being displayed on wide surfaces, the inspiring design using abstract spatial sections and the journey that was woven into the living spaces were conceived as an exhibition corridor in the foyer where the event was taking place.

The modular exhibition structures, resolved using practical installation techniques, were designed with a system that allows one to experience the product surface and makes it easier to compare the products. The sections where the new products are diversified by living spaces have been enriched with compositions that evoke the warm spirit of a contemporary home, from the inside of a sport studio to the hall of an elegant residence.

Placed on various installations and strikingly communicating the qualities of the product, the angular round tables and table-top typographic information rings which eased the journey throughout the exhibition, each acting like a spotlight pointing the way to the products, contributed to the visitors being able to get a grasp of all the innovations along the whole corridor.


Setting out with the slogan Together to the Future, Yıldız Entegre, by introducing their new products to the world of design through the touch of demirden | ilio, invite us to succeed, celebrate and set new targets together.