Designed Surfaces That Blend With Landscape

Yıldız Entegre's high-quality surfaces, which enhance the ambiance of spaces by adding value to their essence and inspiring living spaces that carry the texture of nature, met with the visitors at Interzum through the design by demirden | ilio in Cologne.

The design strategy was built upon emphasizing sustainability through the use of raw materials with the combination of forms inspired by nature. This inspiring harmony between the products and nature evokes the sensation of being in a forest assembled by the essence of a tree, a landscape where the wind meets with sails, and sometimes the feeling of being on a promenade with a botanic garden surrounded by cactus forms which have practical and useful application was created with reusable pieces.

The façade modules surrounding the booth were designed with a focus on sustainability and respect for nature, using raw wooden materials. The richness of surfaces, product benefits, and material characteristics are effectively communicated to visitors through three distinct product categories including Laminated, Lacquered, and Front Panels.

The nature-inspired installation areas located at the center of the booth, featuring forms of nature descriptions, provide an opportunity for visitors to experience the product's quality by showcasing the categories on larger surfaces with varying textures and a wide range of colors, inspiring the designers by a journey of a contemporary exhibition.

The spaces shaped in the storage area façade with a natural geometry represent selections brought to life using Yıldız Entegre surfaces, exploring the themes of Maximalism, Japandi, and Palimpsest as featured styling suggestions from Yıldız Trend Books.

The central bar and information area serve as a central meeting point within the exhibition area, offering an ideal space for both meetings and refreshments. With its multiple functions and integrated structure, it contributes to the concept of sustainability, designed for reuse and easy to set up.

Project: Yıldız Entegre İnterzum 2023

Year: 2023

Location: Köln
Space: 252 m²
Scope: Exhibiton Design, Graphic Design, Implementation
Photography: demirden | ilio