An inspiring new experience in the mesmerizing nature of glass

The new flagship store of Paşabahçe Mağazaları, designed and implemented by Demirden | ilio, offers a dynamic and interactive customer journey with an innovative shopping experience in Istanbul. The instruments of this store, where the culture of glass is spatialized with a contemporary and deep language, also take on the task of being a creative tool that continues the heritage of glass. The design strategy of this new flagship store is based on 3 main pillars and offers a unique proposal: The commitment to a sustainable world is transferred, immersive and inspiring experiences are presented, and enjoyable shopping codes are rewritten with digital and physical innovations.

The holistic harmony of design is handled with a sincere, humane and respectful scenario. The store aims to sustain environmental awareness and commitment to nature with the use of natural materials such as iron, wood, wicker, glass, terrazzo. The installation, which is a contemporary nature representation of the glass production techniques of the brand, extends from the bottom floor to the top floor of the 1200 square meter store consisting of three floors. The installation also serves as an instrument of the in-store navigation system by inviting its customers to the other floors. The floor space opened for this installation on the 1st floor turns into an architectural element and the 12-meter-high magnificent composition of various glass forms brings the inspiration of nature to the store through its transparency and texture.

The depiction of trees and their customized product displays seen on the façade provide flexibility for periodic changes while reflecting the experience platforms to the customers right from the façade. The visual richness of the transparent LED screens is transformed into a walkable area within an eye-catching showcase/installation that enhances dynamic communication with the street throughout the day, offering an inviting welcome. The stylized nature textures are created by cutting and bending each form on the sheet metal surfaces used in the showcase units. This creates a new and elegant layer in the display system making it possible to differentiate the products that need focus.

As the product themes diversify, the material language of the exhibition units changes and the product presentations become richer, transforming the store into an innovative stage. Visual and architectural strategy prioritizes focus on products. The design strategy, which offers innovative solutions for retailing through its modular and mobile display units, provides flexibility and economic efficiency to the brand. Backgrounds in which wicker, glass and metal meshes are chosen according to the character of the theme are enriched with inspirational trend areas that make the selection process of customers with different styles more efficient. These specialized areas, where products of different themes are presented together, offer up-to-date style suggestions to the customer, sometimes on a shelf and sometimes as an interior. The first examples of these trend areas describe different styles and abstractions of nature, ranging from the kitchen of a country house, from contemporary interior architecture trends to a tea corner designed with a 'Grand Millennial' style.

The navigation unit provides a practical shopping experience that facilitates the journey of the customers in the store. The fact that the navigation system is accessible from both the mobile application and the interactive screens inside the store offers a digital experience that saves time and provides convenience for shopping. Customers can discover and find the product they are looking for by filtering the product richness in the store with the gift selection interface that they can use through the screens.

For the Boutique section, the magical world of glass is presented in a contemporary museum display setup that includes all collections in which glass work is skillfully reflected. Effective communication areas that mirror the stories of the collections were integrated into the display units. The reflection of culture on glass turns into an elegant world of exploration; sometimes specializing in a niche, sometimes offering a museum experience in front of a marble wall.

Nude space carries the reflections of the brand's simple, modern and stylish architectural language. The space also invites the customer to the showcase with its innovative display units and stylized space setup. Strolling through the tree abstractions in the showcase, the customer experiences the use of marble, glass, wood and metal together with Nude's simple identity, contributing to the depth of the store. This coexistence contributes to the quality perception of the space and the brand. The round sculptural structure of Nude, located at the entrance of the store uses glass panels in Nude's brand color pink as the background, making the products the focal point. This area conveys its brand values to the visitors with an impressive and imaginative architectural interpretation.

The space for the Omnia collection is a reflection of the original design approach of the collection. Glass, wood and metal units establish a sincere and simple relationship. These units turn into a modern exhibition with areas that highlight products and design stories. The minimal display setup, in which the creative product richness is felt from the entrance of the store, becomes a contemporary bridge between the showcase and the living space.

Fresh flowers and live plants are located in the floral area on the bottom floor of the store. This area provides a colorful addition to the space by ensuring that customers have a joyous time. The exhibition areas enriched with the nature of handmade ceramics developed specifically for Paşabahçe Mağazaları bring nature itself to the space, making the experience sincere. Located in this natural atmosphere, the workshop area hosts events and offers the store a dynamic meeting and experience space.

Project: Paşabahçe Mağazaları Flagship Store
Year: 2021
Place: İstanbul
Space: 1200 m²
Scope: Retail Design Strategy, Concept Development, Graphic Design, 
Photography: İbrahim Özbunar