Blending the Reflective Influence of Glass with Technology

The new collections of Paşabahçe, one of the world's leading brands in glass culture, met to visitors in a 525 m2 space with a minimalist exhibition design by demirden | ilio that seamlessly combined inspiration and elegance. The exhibition strategy, tailored to each collection, effectively integrated Paşabahçe's commitment to excellence with the tradition of dining at Ambiente, Frankfurt.

Ceiling wayfinding elements provide a holistic experience, allowing visitors to explore innovations, while Paşabahçe's superior production technology in glass household products is showcased to visitors through digital communication areas, emphasizing the brand's commitment to quality.

The façade design approach, which integrates technology seamlessly and the brand's visual communication, highlights the depth of the space and offers an inviting welcome with its semi-transparent material. The choice of environmentally friendly materials such as wood, marble, rattan, steel, and glass in the display units creates scenes that differentiate and highlight the collections.

The white dignity of porcelain presented on the natural texture of wood, along with rattan lighting elements, added warmth to the space, converging on an inspiring table setting.

The intersecting angles of the shiny metal surfaces on the central bar added vitality and richness to the space with light and color refractions, creating a meeting point that echoed the elegance of glass.  

The products of Paşabahçe's new brand, Crystallin, were presented to visitors for the first time at Ambiente 2024, highlighted with strong contrasts and sophisticated elegance.

Project: Paşabahçe Ambiente

Year: 2024

Location: Frankfurt

Space: 525 m²

Scope: Exhibition Design, Graphic Design, Implementation

Photography: Matin Akravi