Paşabahçe Glass World Reflects the Traces of Istanbul at Ambiente with a Modern Exhibition

Setting out with the motto "With Love from Istanbul", Pasabahce's innovative products and inspiring collections were exhibited on a 511 m2 area at Ambiente, the largest housewares fair held in Frankfurt, by locating them using a demirden | ilio design in a contemporary and in-depth language.

In the design strategy of the exhibition, which highlights the stylish reflection of culture on glass, an holistic experience was conceived offering a dynamic and interactive journey in which each section is specialised in itself.

The product libraries, which give the feeling of being inside a modern house, brought Pasabahce's high quality products to its visitors utilising orbital circulation routes around the bar located in the centre. 

The material choices that form the light structure of the exhibition and emphasise environmental sensitivity, the relationships of glass, iron, wood and fragmented textiles with circular forms, and the ceiling installations that abstract the product categories in which they are located all added an artistic reflection and innovative dimension to the products.

The sound tunnel installation, whose glass walls were integrated with linear graphic art, became an impressive experience stop that brought to life Pasabahce's glass culture with the sounds of Istanbul, created by Turkish musician Mercan Dede specially for Ambiente.


Project : Paşabahçe Ambiente 2023 

Year: 2023

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Space: 511m2

Scope: Exhibition Design, Graphic Design, Implementation

Photography: demirden | ilio