A happy journey from night till morning for everyone

The store concept developed by Demirden | ilio for the Puffy brand, offers a simple, expressive, sincere and inspiring new customer experience. The retail strategy of the Puffy brand, which appeals to its young and modern target audience with its accessible, high quality and expert brand positioning, is concretized with the phrase "A happy journey from night till morning for everyone". While providing a strong and expert brand experience with good design and rich content, a brand perception that shows quality, offers health and provides comfort is one of the main building blocks of the architectural design of the project. 

A new customer experience that aims to establish a closer bond with the products by presenting the bedrooms of their dreams with different and up-to-date styles, thus inspiring and focusing on the product, was designed with a rational and efficient structure.

In the store, each product is presented with integrated back wall panels embroidered with contemporary styles, allowing for inspirational space abstractions. These panels sometimes give clues from a deep and contemporary space, sometimes from an elegant and romantic bedroom. These different styles both inspire customers about their home styles and aim to facilitate their choices by allowing them to imagine the products in a real space setup.

A sustainable and flexible customer journey that easily adapts to different architectural structures has been created with a modular and easily changeable building setup created with the use of light colors, a neutral background and rational solutions that ensure the focus in the store. The benefits, related technical information and prices of each product are conveyed through clear communication areas. In this way, customers' decision-making process can be completed with a more efficient and rational system. The clear communication structure designed throughout the store conveys brand promises in a communication platform that approaches the target audience with a sincere and equitable language. In support of these communication areas, the prices of the products according to all size alternatives are included in the tray units located on the bed legs. Net communication language also shows itself in the graphics of Demirden | ilio's product packaging designed for Puffy.

Units that emphasize strong and expert brand positioning and aim to facilitate the selection process are located on the brand wall. This space consists of an experience/working area that allows the materials used in the products to be inspected, color and other options to create combinations, and the brand wall, where Yataş Group’s strength and values are conveyed. In this area that was designed as one of the prominent layers of the Puffy space, there is a fabric chart unit, different leg alternatives, materials used inside the matresses and a table where all these can be experienced comfortably.

Puffy, which has come to life as the new brand of Yataş Group, offers a practical understanding of retailing that does not compromise on quality through its sincere and realistic relationship with its customers in the field of experience and communication. Along with the concept stores, it will meet with customers at many points as a shop-in-shop project as well.

Project: Paşabahçe Mağazaları Flagship Store
Year: 2021
Place: İstanbul
Space: 1200 m²
Scope: Retail Design Strategy, Concept Development, Graphic Design
Photography: İbrahim Özbunar